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Royal Holloway's online card payment site

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Using the service

Enter your 9 digit Student Number and use the drop down lists to select your date of birth.

All users of the service must accept the current Terms & Conditions. By using the 'Proceed' button to enter the service you accept the Terms & Conditions which can be viewed using the link below.

When the 'Proceed' is clicked the details you supplied will be checked to our records. This will help to ensure that your payment is allocated accurately. If there is a problem an error message will be displayed.

About the service

Use epay the Royal Holloway online card payment service to pay Tuition and Accommodation Fees.For details on RCS Account top ups <click here>.

Do NOT use epay for an Application Fee for College Accommodation.

The procedure is simple, secure and is fully explained in the epay User Guide.

If you have a specific question about the service such as "Which cards are accepted ?" the answer may well be in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

The Terms and Conditions for all users of epay can be viewed by using the link below.

NEW All Cookies used in the Epay card payment site are classed as essential for the running of the site. For more info please click on the Terms and Conditions link below.

We positively welcome feedback via the link below from users of the epay service.

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